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Case Studies

Geriatric Care Manager for Connie

Connie was living independently in her home. Her son’s concern led to scheduled weekly visits and assistance. This assistance was crucial in assuring that Connie received the correct care when she fell.

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Case Study: Julie

Julie is a busy wife and mother who cares for multiple family members with serious health issues.  Being able to hand the insurance paperwork off to someone else allows her to focus on her family.

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Case Study: Nancy

Nancy is a business owner who is able to hand off her bookkeeping duties to focus on her clients.

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Case Study:  Helen

Helen has years of memories and items to sort through for her move to a senior apartment.

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Health Management Services for Louise

Louise needed knee replacement surgery and was hesitant. Having someone else take care of all the pre and post-surgery details allowed her to have an easier recovery.

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Case Study: John & Mary

John and Mary are an independent older couple who need assistance with life and paperwork management.

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Case Study: Marci

Marci was battling a recurrence of cancer.  Not having to deal with the details of life or have her grown children take care of them allowed her to focus on her treatment. She was also able to preserve her motherly relationship with her three sons rather than have them become her caretakers.

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Case Study: Lauren

Lauren is an independent, older woman who doesn’t need a companion or home care assistance. She is able to get assistance only when she needs it.

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Case Study: Ann

Ann was living independently until a stroke caused her to move to assisted living. Her daughter lives far away and was not able to supervise the details of the move.

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