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Challenging Downsizing Project


  • before-downsizing-2014-04-25-13.49.23
    This is a bed in one of the bedrooms that is covered with clothing.
  • before-downsizing-2014-04-25-13.50.20
    Here we see clothing that is laying at the bottom of the basement steps that is so deep it reaches the top of the first step.
  • before-downsizing-2014-04-25-13.50.47
    This is one of the rooms in the basement with boxes, baskets, clothing, and many other items piled to the top of the basement.
  • before-downsizing-2014-04-25-13.55.54
    Again, in the living room, there are items piled all over the room with no way to even reach the TV.
  • before-downsizing-2014-04-25-14.21.46
    In the living room, there is barely a path to walk.
  • before-downsizing-2014-04-25-14.21.53
    This is the kitchen where there are piles and piles of things that do not belong in the kitchen. The stove in the background is covered with items and unusable.
  • before-downsizing-2014-04-25-15.23.07
    This is a beautiful sunroom on the back that is filled with boxes and bags.
  • before-downsizing-2014-04-25-15.23.09
    Another view of the same sunroom.
  • before-downsizing-2014-04-28-14.00.09
    A kitchen sink filled with dishes that have gone unwashed for quite some time.
  • before-downsizing-2014-04-28-14.00.25
    Here is a picture of one of the back bedrooms with more clutter.
  • before-downsizing-2014-05-28-15.20.27
    Another view of the kitchen.


  • after-downsizing-2014-08-15-14.53.47
    Here is one of the upstairs bathrooms that is now sparkling.
  • after-downsizing-2014-08-15-14.53.58
    Here is the sink in that bathroom. It was initial covered in stains.
  • after-downsizing-2014-08-15-14.54.09
    One of the upstairs bedrooms that has been cleared out.
  • after-downsizing-2014-08-15-14.54.40
    This is the living that is now empty.
  • after-downsizing-2014-08-15-14.54.52
    Here is the kitchen with all surfaces now clean.
  • after-downsizing-2014-08-15-14.55.01
    Here is the sink that is now clean and empty of dishes.
  • after-downsizing-2014-08-15-14.55.07
    Here is the stove now cleared.
  • after-downsizing-2014-08-15-14.55.18
    Here is one of the bedrooms now clean.
  • after-downsizing-2014-08-15-14.55.57
    Here is the basement now empty.
  • after-downsizing-2014-08-15-14.57.13
    The sunroom now empty of the debris.

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