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Mudroom Organization


  • before-organizing-mudroom-IMG00056
    An overall shot of the mudroom.
  • before-organizing-mudroom-IMG00051
    Cleaning products are jumbled in drawers and bins with no organization.
  • before-organizing-mudroom-IMG00049
    Cleaning products are jumbled in drawers and bins with no organization.
  • before-organizing-mudroom-IMG00045
    Another shot of the mudroom which shows you the many coats accumulated on the hooks in the back and many other items taking up valuable space.
  • before-organizing-mudroom-IMG00042
    The mud room counters were cluttered with tools, old machinery that was no longer used, and even some items that could be trashed.
  • before-organizing-mudroom-IMG00041
    Cluttered area blocks the access to the closet behind and hides the windows


  • after-organizing-mudroom-P1020883
    Cleaning cabinet is now labelled so that even the cleaning people know where products are stored.
  • after-organizing-mudroom-P1020882
    The counters are now cleared.
  • after-organizing-mudroom-P1020881
    Coats and hats are cleared out and now only the right season is hanging. Off season items are stored elsewhere.
  • after-organizing-mudroom-P1020880
    Hats and gloves now stored in an organizer.
  • after-organizing-mudroom-IMG00055
    Cleaning products with the cleaning rags stored right under them in a bin.
  • after-organizing-mudroom-IMG00054
    Here are the cleaning products now organized in the cabinets.

  • Here are batteries, light bulbs, and cleaning products now brought together in a supply cabinet.

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