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Office Organization Portfolio


  • Overall picture of the office prior to organizing it.

  • On this bookcase, there are books just stacked. In front of the bookcase are bags and files that make it impossible to reach the bookcase.

  • The back table contains many out of date magazines that the client does not reference anymore and many other piles.

  • The desk does not provide a clear workspace.

  • Another shot of a cluttered workspace.

  • Bags that needed to be sorted through.

  • Files that needed to be sorted through.

  • This is another picture of the cluttered back table.


  • An overall shot of the organized office.

  • A filing system has been created for personal papers that must remain at the office.

  • Back work table is now clear.

  • Cleared shelves and a file bin for files that need to travel back and forth to home.

  • A clear workspace on the client’s desk.

  • Magazines organized by type and date of publication.

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