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Storage Shed Organization


  • before-organize-shed-P1020970
    Here is a side view of the disorganized shelves.
  • before-organize-shed-P1020967
    The bikes are ok but there is a tent in the corner and unused planters just sitting around.
  • before-organize-shed-P1020966
    Here we see yard tools, plant food, and gasoline canisters all shoved in a corner of the shed.
  • before-organize-shed-P1020965
    Items in the shed are very disorganized and not sorted by category. Here we see a cooler, buckets used for entertaining, empty boxes, and a hedge trimmer and lawnmower all jumbled together.

  • The shelves are not organized in the least. In addition, some of the items are not even used anymore.


  • after-organize-shed-P1020968
    Organized shelves where garden items are brought together on the same shelves and tools are stored in bins when necessary.
  • after-organize-shed-P1020969
    Now we have cleaned out the entire space and are starting to put things back in an organized fashion. Here you can see the garden tools and ladder hung on the wall out of the way.
  • after-organize-shed-P1020972
    Now we add in the bikes. Ideally, we would like to hang these from ceiling hooks but the owner is too tall and the ceiling height doesn’t accommodate this.
  • after-organize-shed-P1020973
    Another shot of the tools.

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