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Daily Money & Paper Management

Money and Paperwork Management services such as sorting mail, paying bills, setting up filing systems for household expenses, managing insurance claims, balancing checkbooks, budgeting, and completing forms for acquisition or replacement of valuable paperwork can be overwhelming and time-consuming for people unable to perform these tasks for themselves.

paper-money-managementThese people include seniors who are overwhelmed by life’s complexities, a widow who is not used to handling finances, a caregiver who is inundated by insurance claims and bill paying for a loved one, or a business professional or business owner who just doesn’t have enough time in the day!

You may want help:

  • Because you have always struggled with household paperwork and feel overwhelmed every time paperwork needs to be processed
  • During periods of illness or after a hospital stay
  • When you can’t balance your checkbook and make ends meet
  • After the death of a family member
  • When you’re being pulled in too many directions
  • If you’re having trouble seeing your checkbook because of your failing eyesight
  • When you can’t get out of the house like you used to
  • When you find yourself paying more and more late fees on bills and bank fees for bounced checks
  • When you can’t find anything because appropriate files haven’t been set up
  • When your tax records are disorganized, and you’re not ready for your tax preparer

Services Provided:

Mail Management

  • Assistance with Correspondence
  • Interpreting and Completing Complicated Forms
  • Money Management

Daily Money Management


  • Contacting Payees Regarding Incorrect Bills
  • Preparation of Checks for Clients to Sign
  • Preparing and Delivering Bank Deposits
  • Plan and Implement a Household Budget
  • Review Bank/Credit Card Statements for Accuracy
  • Reconcilation of Bank Accounts/Credit Cards
  • Establishment of Timely Billing Cycles
  • Negotiate with Creditors
  • Organization and/or Automation of Personal Finances
  • Assistance with MS Office, Quicken, QuickBooks
  • Bookkeeping
  • Organization of Tax Documents
  • Coordinate with Legal, Tax and Investment Professionals

Insurance Paperwork Management

  • Organization of Claims
  • Interpret Insurance Statements and Verify Proper Claim Processing
  • Assist with Insurance Disputes
  • Handle Appeals
  • Sorting and Documenting Backlogs of Bills and Explanations of Benefits from Insurance Companies
  • Verify all Claims have been Filed and Paid

Paperwork Acquisition/Replacement

  • Assistance with Lost Insurance Policies, Lost Car Titles, and Obtaining Non-Driver’s Licenses
  • Assistance with Acquiring DMV Handicap Tags
  • Assistance with Applying for Replacement Driver’s Licenses, Social Security Cards, Marriage Licenses, Etc.

Notary Services

Life Blueprint Development

Creation of a Life Blueprint (a summary of all personal and household
information that can be used as a reference guide to remember things
as you age and help others help you. For example, your lawyer, your
accountant, your doctors, your medications, your banks, your credit
cards, your investments, your income, etc.)

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