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Decluttering Project


  • before-decluttering-P1030269
    We start with an unbelievably cluttered kitchen
  • before-decluttering-IMG-20120425-00031
    The top of the microwave is so overloaded, it is a hazard.
  • before-decluttering-IMG-20120425-00030
    The top of the refrigerator is cluttered with a variety of items including spices, snack bars, snacks, and cereals.
  • before-decluttering-IMG-20120416-00026
    Here is the right side of the kitchen.
  • before-decluttering-P1030268
    Here is the left side of the kitchen. In this shot, you see that the table isn’t even usable.


  • after-decluttering-IMG-20120416-00028
    Bags and bags of items that were expired or spoiled are discarded.
  • after-decluttering-IMG-20120425-00034
    Added temporary shelves until construction is complete.
  • after-decluttering-IMG-20120425-00035
    A usable kitchen table
  • after-decluttering-IMG-20120425-00036
    Clear floor space

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