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Downsizing Assistance

Just as young parents often buy a larger home to accommodate a growing family, older adults are frequently interested in having less space and fewer home maintenance responsibilities. They may want to facilitate a busier lifestyle that is focused on family, friends, traveling, socializing, and volunteering. They may be preparing for the aging process when it gets more difficult to keep up with everything that people do in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.

When people decide to downsize themselves, their parents, or other relatives, they are forced to deal with the mementos as well as the clutter that has accumulated over a lifetime.  Sometimes the selling of the family home can be a result of a disability, an illness, or death of a loved one.

While some sell their house to move to a retirement community or other senior care facilities, there are other seniors that prefer to move to a smaller house or apartment. Still others will choose to rearrange the current home to live on one level if possible.

Downsizing is a difficult decision that has emotional, logistical, physical, and time-consuming components.  We help our clients take the stress out of this life changing event through comprehensive planning. We work together with you to develop a plan and ensure that everything is done according to the plan.

With our extensive experience, we make this goal achievable and more manageable.

Services Provided:


  • Where Do You Start
  • Which Rooms Do You Concentrate on First
  • How Do You Sort Things
  • What and When to Pack


  • Checking out the New Place
  • Knowing the New Layout
  • What Will Fit
  • Creating a Checklist
  • Staying Organized While Packing
  • Unpacking Strategies
  • Managing Utilities and Changing Addresses
  • Changing Doctors and Other Service Professionals if Necessary

What Do I Do With All of This Stuff

  • What Do You Keep, Trash, Donate, or Sell
  • What Charities, Auction Houses, Consignment Stores Do I Use
  • What Do You Give Family Members Now
  • How Do You Track Items for Tax Purposes
  • How Do You Track My Items for Sale
  • Ways to Divide Your Belongings Among Family Members Peacefully

Remember, whether you are decluttering or downsizing, it can be an emotionally draining process. You deal with the past that your possessions symbolize – good times and bad.  Be patient with yourself. Pace yourself. Do not try to do it overnight. Engage family or friends to help or hire people who can make the process easier and provide the shoulder to lean on while you do it. You will be glad you did it.

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