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With the complexities of life today, more and more people need assistance to make their daily lives manageable.

  • Raising your children while meeting the needs of your parents?
  • Maintaining your independent lifestyle as you get older?
  • Building a support system that enables you to age in place?
  • Assisting a chronically ill loved one?
  • Balancing life with a busy career?
  • Or just feel that your life is out of control?

We are here to help you manage your daily life.

With the assistance of Just 2 Much 2 Do, you can attain:

  • Peace of mind.
  • A sense of calm during an otherwise overwhelming period in your life.
  • More free time.
  • Access to a support system.
  • A sense of balance.

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Daily Money & Paperwork Management
  • Gain control over household financial and administrative tasks.
  • Identify better ways to manage your money.
  • Manage insurance issues.
  • Balance checkbooks.
  • Clear out old paperwork cluttering your home.
  • Organize your filing system and family records.
  • Purge your closets of outdated, damaged and unused items.
  • Organize your
Life Management
  • Keep your life on track despite injury, illness, chronic diseases or aging.
  • Establish support systems that enable you to age in place.
  • Reduce the stress related to downsizing.
  • Medical liaison.

Personal Assistant Services

If you are like most of our clients, your life has become very complex and you need help organizing all the details of running a home, raising kids, while caring for aging parents whose needs are dramatically increasing. Our life care management team can take on several of the tasks that home care assistance agencies do not address but you find overwhelming.

Professional Organizers That Help Seniors Simplify

Have current events made your life more complicated with missing paperwork, fees for paying bills late, or overwhelming health insurance issues? Do you have a filing system for your important papers that allows you to find critical paperwork quickly? Our team pays the bills, assists with banking, processes the mail and deals with the insurance providers for our clients.

Personal Care Manager for Older Adults

As a care management team, we focus on assisting the aging adult with tasks that range from advocating in a medical setting to tackling health insurance issues. We offer more than a geriatric care manager in that we address life management issues in addition to non medical home care services. More importantly, we also plan personalized social events that are critical to our clients‘ well-being.