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Making It Simple During a Stressful Time

Sometimes, you get what you think is a great idea and run with it. While you are pursuing your idea, you can be riddled with doubts. Am I making the right decision, will I achieve my goal, will I really be able to make stressful situations easier for people? Today, one of my clients called me to thank me for doing just that for her. What did I do? I set up an appointment for a bone scan for her.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? However, this woman happens to be battling cancer and is in the middle of receiving chemotherapy treatments. Some days she feels on top of the world and on others she can barely get through the day. To her, something as simple as setting up a bone scan can be overwhelming. So, I contacted the doctor for a copy of the script she misplaced, I contacted the local hospital and identified the closest center for her, I made the appointment and gathered all the details on when, where, how, and what she needed to bring on the day of the test. After everything was set up, I gave her an information packet. On top of the packet was a summary of the test, the fact that it was done in two parts, the schedule, the timing for the test, where she could park, the option of valet parking, and a list of what she needed to bring with her. The packet also included her script and a note to remind her that she needed a copy of the scan on a DVD when she was done.

She called me today to thank me for making something that seemed so overwhelming so easy to accomplish! She was so grateful that she was able to concentrate on just getting to the test center. She didn’t have to worry that she was missing any little details. She knew what to expect through the entire process. It is calls like this that make it all worthwhile!