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When Sadness Comes Home

With what I do, I encounter my share of sadness on a daily basis. My clients become my friends. These friends share so much about their lives with me due to the nature of what I do. The sadness can be a result of a diagnosis, a death in the family, or even a part of their daily lives because of depression. While I share in that sadness, I don’t own it. It isn’t personally mine. I don’t take it home with me. I don’t live with it day to day like my clients do. Unfortunately, this weekend, the sadness was mine. It was personal. I am living with it until it settles into the fabric of my life.

A dear friend passed away. Like many friendships, ours changed through the years – college friends, couple events, weddings, young parents with children, a Facebook friendship because life is so hectic, and now a passing made sadder because I kept thinking we had time to see each other again. This is a family that has gone through so much in the time that I have known them. They have weathered so much with grace and laughter and love. I cannot imagine how they will deal with this loss. This is huge. The loss of a lovely, sweet, giving person who always had the biggest smile on her face. She was taken far too soon. Please keep them in your prayers.

A client once told me, “When I start feeling sorry for myself, I give myself 15 minutes to feel really sad – even cry if I feel the need. Once that time is up, I must get up and get over it. I then move forward with my day.” Some things just do not fit in a time frame. This loss will take so much more …

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