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What Can a Personal Assistant Save You?

As an organizer, personal assistant, and life manager, I work with many clients who have a hard time keeping up with all of the paperwork that comes into their home. One of the things that sometimes goes by the wayside and gets ignored is the banking statement. Make sure you take time to review your statements. My bank was recently taken over by another bank. This month, they started charging $4.95 for doing on-line bill pay and $2.00 per ATM withdrawal. This $2.00 is in addition to the $3.50 I already paid to use an ATM in the Acme because my client needed cash and I couldn’t hunt down a Wawa! So, please review your statements. Make sure your transactions are accurate. Make sure there are no fees being added to your account that you didn’t expect. For myself, I knew these were coming at some point. The “Welcome to Susquehanna” paperwork made it very clear that they weren’t as small business-friendly as Abington Bank was because of their fees.

Well, on Monday, I will transfer my business accounts to my favorite credit union that has all of my personal banking at this point! As a small business, you need to watch all your expenses Рeven the $2.00 ones!

Also this weekend, I was reviewing my Verizon bill. When you have an issue with your cable box and you need to get a new one – Check your bill! I just reviewed my Verizon bill because of discrepancies I noticed in totals from last month to this month. Guess what? They charged me $11.15 for shipping and handling for the exchange of the box even though it was their box that broke! So, check your bills!

By reviewing my bills and statements, I will save myself ongoing fees. This month, I would have saved $9.95 and I saved $33.16 off my bill for Verizon for errors I noticed. That is a total savings of $43.11 this month. How much time and money could you save by having a personal assistant handle details that you do not have time for?